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Creating Health and Vitality for your bees!

Precursor from the beginning of a different approach to beekeeping, APIFORME® is based on an environmental philosophy to bring balance health and vitality back to honeybees.

Apiforme® is a concentrate of plants essential oils collected in regions where bees are in optimal health. It aims at supplying wholesome, quality products for future generations to inherit a healthier planet.

APIFORME® Our product works to increase the health and vitality using essential oils blended for the specific needs of honeybees, to make hives stronger and healthier.

Apiforme for your Bees Health!
Our living conditions have radically changed over 75 years, from the cultivation methods (intensive monoculture in certain areas) to the significant use of chemicals that have come to be known to be less than healthy plant substances. The enormous supply and use of these substances, for example, deeply modifies the composition of the thin layer of arable soil, (both at bacterial and chemical levels). The plants growing on this impoverished substrate undergo a significant change in their chemical structure.
Bees, whose reproduction turnover is fast, quickly feel the effects of this impoverishment in nectars and pollens that are otherwise available. Nectar flows are increasingly erratic in quality as well as quantity. The pressure, stress, and struggle on honeybees and their offspring is increasingly strong and persistent throughout the year. Apiforme® is a product that will change that and will make a genuine difference in the health and vitality of the bees that partake of Apiforme®.

We must remember that bees exclusively get their food from the vegetative world with essential oils being a prime component of their health and wellness.

The plants that were once in abundance have disappeared from the bees’ environment but are present in APIFORME®.

APIFORME® is proprietary blend of essential oils that are especially designed for all the bees in the hive, from workers to the brood, being especially helpful in promoting egg production for Queens working to increase hive numbers.

Based on a thorough study of the needs of honeybees and according to their specific needs and botany, Dominique Tassëel, a pharmacist, was able to create and produce APIFORME® in 1996.
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Our product works to increase the health and vitality of your bees.

Simply adding our essential oil based product to your Spring and Fall feedings will help your hive withstand the stress of this modern world.

You can also use in patties for Winter feeding.

You can learn more, and see why so many around the world use our product to help maintain hive health!